Invest for a sunny day. Think ahead.

Wealth management from €10.

Start from €10

With a minimum investment of €10. Globally diversified investing whilst your investment risk is automatically reduced as your financial goal nears completion.

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Lowest costs

Pritle charges just 0,5% per year including VAT over the portion of your money up to €250.000. The rest is managed free of charge.

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24/7 access

Always insight in your realised and expected return. Every euro remains directly retrievable every day.

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"The lowest cost wealth manager of The Netherlands"

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Realise goals with a benefit. Receive 4% cash back on all your bookings via as a Pritle client.

What can Pritle do for you?

Pritle enables you now to invest goal based by investing globally at the lowest possible costs. Whether for a world trip, children’s education or early retirement. When you set a goal with a time horizon, we define a growth path to get you there. If your portfolio deviates from your growth path, you will automatically receive an alert with what is required to get you back on track.

How do we invest? Low costs and risk diversification improves your return predictability. Therefore Pritle mainly invests in low cost index funds. Your investment risk is gradually reduced over time, as your goal nears completion. Before you start, we visualise an expected return for you per financial goal.

Your personal dashboard is always accessible, giving you control with every euro remaining accessible, every day.

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How do I start?

Create your profile
We help you to easily define an appropriate risk level in relation to your financial objectives, risk tolerance and financial circumstances.
Set a goal
Easily set yourself a clear goal. Whether it is your pension, a world trip, or just growing your money for a sunny day.
Transfer funds
Start with your first financial goal by transferring money using iDeal or directly from your bank account.
Reach your goal
A personalised dashboard enables you to monitor and track your projected growth towards your financial goal.
Fill in the numbers and see what your growth path can look like.
Enter your initial and monthly investment, and view projection.

This projection is based on a balanced risk profile over a period of 20 years. The value of your investment may vary. Historical returns are no guarantee for future results.

Why Pritle?

Pritle is an accessible and low cost way to help you manage your investment and wealth management.
You can start with an investment amount of €10, without any specific knowledge
or experience in investing. Simply enter your goals online. We visualize
your expected return and our technology will help you stay
on track towards realizing your financial objectives.

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Realising your dream seems closer than ever!

Have you ever thought of early retirement? How about a world trip? Or, do you want to put money aside for your children’s education? Pritle is happy to help you realise your dreams. With Pritle you can simply set any financial goal and we will help you keep on track to achieve it! This allows you focus on the other good things in life.

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